We at Inter-Konnect endeavour to stay at the very top in terms of technology in the Electrical Industry.


Our company Director was the first President of the KNX Association of Ireland proving that we strive to stay ahead of the competition.

The Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control. KNX allows easy Integration of Lighting, Blinds and Shutters, Security Systems, Energy Management, HVAC Systems, Monitoring Systems, Remote Control, Metering, Audio/Video Control and White Goods such as cookers. This system also includes gateways to DALI, IP, Opentherm and more.

Our Partner Theben brings an exciting and unrivalled range of HVAC and Lighting Controls. Theben have brought every Sensor from their World Class HTS range and used the KNX protocol so Installer and End Users can be sure they will have top quality products that are highly reliable.

This is all done over a low cost cable and is a must in any new install to make sure you building has the ability to take advantage of everything KNX has to offer in the future.


The EnOcean system has No wire, No Batteries and No Limits. Through the extensive Eltako range we can offer a solution to almost any problem and with minimal labour and very little training is needed. Worldwide there are now over 250.000 EnOcean enabled buildings. This system is interesting to Listed Buildings, Retail, Historical and Commercial Buildings.

Eltako have brought out a new blister pack containing either a Dimming Module (which is excellently designed for controlling LED’s) or a Relay with Integrated Timer (Switch) and both packs contain a Wireless Battery less switch which can be stuck to any surface or screwed on if needed.

Bals Quick Connect

Bals again set new standards. We were the first company to offer this reliable and time saving innovation. The patented system, which has unbeatable advantages over previously used screw connections, quickly developed into the industry standard.

In the opinion of many experts, our Quick-Connect concept, which is based on the screwless spring-clamp system, is the best-suited system for quickly and easily meeting the various challenges encountered in the wiring and maintenance of industrial plugs and sockets in a controlled manner.

As the only manufacturer worldwide, it goes without saying that Bals offers a screwless terminal connection for plugs and sockets even for an amperage of 63A.

Also truly unique are the 16A and 32A Quick-Connect phase inverters.