The Theben SELEKTA 170 (1 Channel) and SELEKTA 174 (2 Channel) aren’t new items to us at Inter-Konnect but there is a surprising amount of people who aren’t aware of them or what they do.

In short an Astro Clock is almost like a Photocell. They are extremely easy to set up, can be placed in a Distribution Board and reduces time of install and energy while maintaining safety.

The clock is set up by selecting country (in our case Ireland), then you can chose a city or town you are in or near by (you can also input your latitude and longitude). By choosing one of the pre-installed towns or cities a clock can be set up in its basic form in seconds.

The time switch has preinstalled dusk and dawn times and adjusts accordingly every day. Your lights will not be on when it’s bright out and won’t be off when it’s dark.

Both time switches also have the ability to have an offset of up to 2 hours, so perhaps you would like you outdoor lighting on for a little longer in the morning for example. You can also override the program and have lights off for a period during the night.

Technical Details:

  • 230V AC 50-60Hz
  • 2 Modules Wide with a DIN Rail Fixing
  • Changeover Contact (Normally Open, Normally Closed) that is Volt Free Weekly and Astronomical Programming
  • 10 Year Power Reserve (Clock will hold programs and time even if the power is off)
  • Up to 16 Amp Switching Capacity (10 Amp at cos 0.8)
  • Incandescent/Halogen Load of 2300 Watts
  • Compact Fluorescent Load of 1100 Watts
  • LED Loads: Up to 2W lamps 50 Watts, 2W or Greater 600 Watts


These time switches are used for public street lighting, outdoor lighting, garden lights, driveway lights, stairwells with natural daylight, shop and restaurant fronts, commercial lighting, sign lighting with many more applications.

New Accessory:

With the new Bluetooth Obelisk top3 you can now program the clock from your android or apple device once it has Bluetooth. If you want to create and offset or an override, the intuitive visual software makes it very easy to see how the change will work with the clock.

If you require any further details

Please feel free to contact your Local Rep or contact us