We have a new range of Polycarbonate Switch Gears in stock now.

We are using Hensel Electric’s Enymod range and Telergon.

Everything in the range is IP65 and can be used in Harsh applications. We recommend using the Polycarbonate over metal for any outdoor applications you may have.

If you are unfamiliar with Hensel Electric’s Enymod and how tough it is, have a look at the video below made by Hensel Electric in Poland and see just how tough the material is, so you can install with confidence.

Within the New range we have Isolators, Changeover Switches and Fused Switches.

The Switches Start at 125 Amp and we install as standard with 3 Switching Poles, Solid Neutral, all with lug on connections and an Earth Block. The panel itself does not need to be earthed as it is Polycarbonate. We can make a custom 4 Pole (4 Switching Poles) on request and we can also make a 630 Amp if requested with a quick production time.

The Fused Switch Range Starts at 63 Amp (NH00 Fuse not included), 125 Amp (NH00 Fuse, not included), 160 Amp (NH00 Fuse, not included) and 250 Amp (NH1 Fuse). These are all 3 Pole with solid Neutral and an Earth Block. All connections are lug on with the exception of the Earth Block.

Lastly, we have the Changeover Switches in the range. The have these available from stock in 160 Amp and 250 Amp, all 4 Pole and with an Earth Block. All connections are lug on with the exception of the earth block.

We have added Flanges to all the products to give a little extra wiring space and you are also not limited to the knock-outs on the Hensel Eny Mod boxes. We have also added External Wall Brackets to make the install as easy as possible. There are also accessories that can be added, such as the cable strain relief bar, or cable socks for example if required.

Accessories below:


These products can be customised. Perhaps you want an enclosed Isolator with a modular enclosure, busbar chamber, meter etc.

A video of how the Hensel Electric Enymod system is assembled to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Please call our sales team and we can help you out with any questions you may have.