New Range of Flexible Conduit

New Range of Flexible Conduit in stock from Arnocanali available now in Inter-Konnect

We have a full stock of flexible conduit and Flexible Conduit Glands from Arnocanali. The range of stock is 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm Inner diameter and all the glands to suit. The whole range is in black, excellent quality and grey is available upon request.

Conduit Details:

Self-Extinguishing PVC to UL94 V0

Working Temperature: -25°C to + 90°C

Impact Resistance @ -5C: 2 Joules

Pressure Resistance: 350 N

Gland Details:

Material: Polyamide

Working Temperature: -25°C to + 90°C

Heat Resistance: + 110°C

Item CodeDetailItem CodeCode For Gland
GS12NØ 12mm Ø 16mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS12NRGS12M16NGland For GS12N Thread Ø M16
GS16NØ 16mm Ø 20mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS16NRGS16M20NGland For GS16N Thread Ø M20
GS20NØ 20mm Ø 25mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS20NRGS20M25NGland For GS20N Thread Ø M25
GS25NØ 25mm Ø 32mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS25NRGS25M32NGland For GS25N Thread Ø M32
GS32NØ 32mm Ø 40mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS32NRGS32M40NGland For GS32N Thread Ø M40
GS40NØ 40mm Ø 50mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS40NRGS40M50NGland For GS40N Thread Ø M50
GS50NØ 50mm Ø 63mm O/D Flexible ConduitGS50NRGS50M63NGland For GS50N Thread Ø M63

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