Whether you are looking for indirect lighting for your house facade or impressive illumination for your garden, front door or patio, you need look no further than theLeda D. With their matt anodised aluminium housing and pleasant warm white light, these LED lights look stunning wherever they are used. The theLeda D line offers you plenty of flexibility. You can choose between direct lighting with LED spotlights, indirect lighting with uplighters and downlighters and two bollard lights in different lengths. There is also the option of a practical socket on the rear. And the best part is that no matter which model you opt for, you are always guaranteed a uniform look for your home.

theLeda Range

theLeda D SL AL

theLeda D SUL AL

theLeda D UL AL

theLeda D UDL AL

theLeda D BL AL

theLeda D BL plus AL

theLeda D S AL

theLeda D SU AL

theLeda D U AL

theLeda D UD AL


theSenda B

theSenda P

theSenda S