We have 2 new Eltako parts in stock.

The first part is the PTN12-230V DIN Rail Mounted Emergency Relay.

The relay has a 2 outputs with a Closed and Open Contact. The Relay is 16A so it can be used with and without a contactor as desired.

The relay can be set from 10 Mins up to 180 Mins (3 Hours). There is also 2 ways to trigger the relay, with a direct button on the relay and the terminal marked 18 can be used as an input for a push to mark switch.

Wiring Diagrams are below:

New Eltako P3K12 DIN Rail Mounted Phase Annunciator

We also have the P3K12 DIN Rail Mounted Phase Annunciator.

This is a very simple device. By connecting the L1, L2, L3 and N to the unit. This will then indicate the phases are up with 3 working with 3 indicator lights on the front of the device.

This is often done with 3 indicator lights taking up 3 Mods and needing 3 Neutral connections, but this unit only requires 1 Neutral and takes up 1 Mod.


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