For several years we have been holding stock of and selling Fire Rated Junction Boxes.

From the small FK0402 2.5mm Junction Box to the FK6505 50Sq mm “Tunnel” Junction Box.

The junction boxes are approved for intrinsic fire resistance and insulation integrity. The come with an ingress rating of IP66/65 (depending on the cable entry system and junction box used) which is important where there may be a sprinkler system.

We have 2 types distinct boxes made of either Thermoplastic or Sheet Steel. The Thermoplastic is for most applications fine as it exceeds the standards of popular fire cables used such as FP200. Where an FP400 or equivalent is being used, the sheet steel box is closer to the fire rated properties than the thermoplastic and we have certification for 180 mins (3 hours).

A very important factor of using either of these over a galvanised box which we have seen in the past, is they have no toxic emissions. A flame put to a galvanised box will cause toxic emissions.

There are 2 distinctive tests with regards to fire ratings which when passed will be certified as E(minutes) and PH(minutes).

Hensel Junction Boxes have been tested and certified as E90 (a very stringent test) and PH120 (also 180 mins).

Certification of products is extremely important. We have seen red coloured junction boxes been sold as fire rated but even a lighter will melt and warp the products within seconds.


Buildings with public traffic such as department stores, airports, hospitals, tunnels etc. and other public places security is top priority. The emergency power supply in accordance with regional building regulations is generally required. In the event of fire, the functional integrity of the emergency power supply must be guaranteed for a specific period of time. This ensures that electric devices, such as emergency lighting, lifts, smoke extractors, alarms, etc. remain operational and that people can leave the building and rescue services can work in case of fire.

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