A new 24/7 Thermal Monitoring Solution has just been taken into stock here at Inter-Konnect.

It’s a very simple device with connections that will monitor the incoming and outgoing in any circuit. The unit will monitor the temperature of the cables with small sensors cable-tied into position (10 cm from connection is recommended) and when there is 20% difference between the 2, an alarm will be raised via a relay, and/or lights on the front of the device (Green/Amber/Red).

The device can also be linked into a bigger system via Modbus connection which can in return relay information into a screen.

The device can be ordered with different length cable sensors but our stock holding just has 1 Meter for the moment (on request we can organise different lengths).

Where there is a power critical circuit or even a full panel, this is an extremely simple solution that will detect the fault before it happens allowing maintenance before a power outage due to fault.

Several settings can be changed via dip switches on the side of the unit, including the trigger value indicating a fault as well as addressing the unit into a Modbus system.

The product is extremely simple and an installer can be trained on the installation within a few minutes.

The cost for the unit is extremely low for what it does and in reality it will more than likely be lower cost than getting someone to visit with a thermal imaging gun once.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us in the office on 01-8304666 or by email.

A demonstration case is currently being developed and should be available shortly for visits to Wholesalers, Panel Builders and their clients who need convincing.


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