Most of our products operate in the background: they control the lighting of private and public buildings, regulate the indoor temperature and operate your canvas blinds on request. But our products have one thing in common: they make your everyday life as agreeable as possible and help you save energy at the same time.

Everything started with the first “ELPA” staircase switches developed in 1921 by the company’s founder, Paul Schwenk, in his workshop in Stuttgart. He had them patented a few years later.

During the company’s early years, our core competence was solutions for time switches: Since then we have sold more than 30 million “ELPA 8” staircase switches. One of the our most famous products is the “theben timer”, of which more than 30 million units have also been sold, used mainly in private households.

Today, almost 90 years after the foundation of our company, this Swabian family business has developed into an international enterprise. Beyond our main focus of “time control,” our core competences now include:

  • Light control through twilight switches and presence detector and motion detector.
  • Climate control through analogue and digital clock thermostats for room-by-room control.
  • KNX components for building systems engineering: from light and climate control to fully automated shutters and blinds run by a KNX weather station.

The Swabians are known for their pioneering spirit and inventiveness, and so it is a matter of course for them to provide the market with excellent products and innovative solutions.

Our internal, VDE-authorized testing lab ensures that Theben products are put to the test at every stage from development to series production readiness. A 100% final control during production eliminates unpleasant surprises after delivery.


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