Arnocanali Spa Italia is a young and dynamic group, that comprises important companies producing electrical and mechanical components, as well as italian and foreign commercial companies; thanks to this Arnocanali achieved over the years a relevant position in the international market.

More than 30 years of successful business in the design and production of low tension components, connection and installation devices, both in the civil and industrial sectors, have supplied Arnocanali with an enormous experience, which helped to develop a high and specific technology in the field of the low tension electrical components and components the conditioning systems.

The continuous research for new products and a global checking of all processes, starting from the choice of raw material to the control of the production, give to the end product a higher safety, with the result of solving the problems of the professionals and protecting the consumers, providing quality to all products introduced into the international market.

Over the years the company has naturally become bigger and bigger: from the beginning of 1971 to the present the surface of the production factory has increased from 2.000 to 28.000 square meters.

The production departments are based on the robotics but also on the important presence of manpower, which is necessary in order to achieve the necessary standard of quality and precision. Both the production and design departments work in close connection with the sale department, respecting the development process of the product, in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Also the sale and delivery departments use the most modern computer systems (Internet), in order to provide all the possible help to local offices and react promptly to the needs of the markets.

Work, creativity, respect for the tradition, customer care, together with researches and continuous updating, technological improvement and advanced production methods are the foundations upon which Arnocanali has built its image and the reasons of the success of one of the most important italian companies of electrical components.


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