• Mobile CO2 sensor with USB cable for measuring air quality
  • Suitable for schools/nurseries, offices, conference or meeting rooms and living spaces
  • The device warns optically via the LED traffic light system in case of a potentially dangerous CO2 concentration – so ventilation can be optimized immediately and a healthy room climate can be created
  • Green threshold value: Up to 1,000 ppm CO2, hygienically ok, everything is in the green range!
  • Threshold value orange: Up to 2,000 ppm CO2, hygienically noticeable, Aeration – good idea!
  • Threshold value red: Over 2,000 ppm CO2, hygienically unacceptable, Ventilation is an absolute must!
  • Fresh air must be supplied and the used air removed at latest when the red threshold value is reached
  • Includes USB cable for easy setup
  • Stand and non-slip pad included, alternative wall mounting is also possible
  • Development based on the recommendation for CO2 in indoor air of the Federal Environment Agency according to various guidelines, e.g. the Bavarian “Guideline for the Promotion of Investment Costs for Technical Measures for Infection-Protection-Compatible Ventilation in Schools (FILS-R)

Technical data

Operating voltage 5 V DC via USB bus voltage
Measuring range CO2 0 – 5000 ppm
Type of connection USB, cable length 1.5 m
Display 6 LEDs
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class III

If You Require Any Further Details

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